Retention and Acquisition

SaaS solution empowering your SMEs to understand who is most likely to enroll in which plan and why and then use these insights to create personalized communication strategies

Discover who is most likely to enroll in which plan

Our AI automatically explores a myriad of potential correlations within claims and demographic data to help you match which members fit what plan in order to maximize the probability for enrollment

Understand what motivates members to change plan enrollment and why

Discover the underlying motivational differences between your population and how to use these insights to accurately predict enrollment for each individual  

Connect with members and inspire action

Combine member by member insights with our built-in behavioral science heuristics to create personalized communication journeys that drive members’ interest to enroll

G2I, ACA to MA, Group Engagement, Scale with a Click

Choose, define, measure and manage any objective and easily create personalized and objective specific communication strategies that maximize revenues from retention and acquisition programs 

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