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A paradigm shift in how health plans communicate with their members

Health Plans’ revenues rely in many ways on converting members’ ‘should do’ actions to getting them ‘done’. These range from performing simple screening tests to choosing the right plan.   While it is for the member’s benefit, this journey is not a simple one.   As a result, many times health plans outsource patient engagement efforts, resulting in extensive costs and a loss of critical knowledge and insights.

Medorion’s SaaS platform shifts the control back to you with an advanced set of AI & Behavioral Science-based SaaS tools that provide deep insights into your members’ behaviors, enabling you to use these insights to build and manage custom engagement journeys that inspire members to act and claim full ownership of their health.

Reducing Cost of Care

Retention and Acquisition

Close gaps in care, improve HEDIS, CAHPS and HOS measures, and increase utilization of preventive services

Increase member acquisition and retention rates for Individual and Medicare Advantage Plans

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