Vision, Mission & Leadership


Our vision is to make healthcare better and more affordable, by helping patients overcome clinical barriers-to-action.

We believe that helping patients become more engaged in self-management of their health is one of the best ways to make an impact on healthcare. Notably, insurers, care providers and patients all benefit from preventive medicine. However, when breaking it down to the patient’s level challenges begin to appear. For example, patient awareness is a major challenge. A person who feels great and is essentially healthy, may not be aware of risks associated with age or family history, and therefore, is probably not actively seeking information about potential risks. Patient engagement is another challenge: We are all busy with our lives, and therefore when we feel healthy, preventive medicine doesn’t always get top priority. When patients finally begin to consider preventive medicine many new barriers begin to appear, which include: concerns about a procedure or the prep for a procedure, or the fear of finding out you are not as healthy as you thought…
Which leads us to our mission.


Medorion’s mission is to empower care provider organizations with the ability to activate their patient population toward optimal preventive medicine.

The process of helping patients to overcome barriers to preventive medicine is very labor-intensive. Notably, reminders and mass media awareness campaigns are important, because they introduce automation and scale. However, they do not appeal to everyone, and adherence rates remain low despite these efforts.

Our mission is to empower care provider organizations through tools that leverage social media to effectively engage and activate their patient population. Social networks have an abundance of demographic data which is key to changing patient behavior. Additionally, social networks captivate the patient’s attention, as most people use social networks several times a day.


Medorion was founded by technological experts in cloud computing, computer science, and healthcare analytics. We are a technological company introducing automation and scale to the labor-intensive process of patient activation.

Asaf Kleinbort
Asaf is an experienced executive who has built cloud-based solutions from the ground up. He has an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel.
Eviatar Khen
Eviatar is an expert in large-scale software systems, and an experienced R&D and research leader. He has an M.Sc. in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University, Israel.
Shai Levi
Shai is an expert in healthcare analytics solutions, and an experienced product management and R&D leader. He has a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the Technion Israel Institute of technology.

Asaf Kleinbort

Eviatar Khen

Shai Levi
VP Product