Scaling Patient Activation

Medorion is developing an AI-driven platform that enables population-health managers to effectively activate large populations without being experts in behavioral science or expert marketers.
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What we do

Our innovative platform uses behavior-change models to understand barriers-to-action of difficult-to-engage patient populations. The platform activates these patients through social networks and other digital channels.

Tap into patients’ state of mind
Activate hard to reach populations
Relieve burden on care teams

Tap into patients’ state of mind
By monitoring online activity of patients, the system identifies their disposition towards medical guidelines, specific causes of anxiety and other reasons for non-adherence.
Activate hard to reach populations
Increases adherence to preventive guidelines, by activating populations with a tendency towards non-adherence.
Relieve burden on care teams
Medorion engages and activates vast amounts of patients through digital channels, eliminating labor-intensive tasks of care personnel.

How it works

At the core of our technology is a proprietary ‘behavioral engine’ that utilizes advanced AI algorithms to reveal patients’ mindsets and identify their inclination towards preventive guidelines. Our self-service web portal enables pop-health teams to define clinical guidelines and direct the engine to focus on a specific patient population. The system extracts insights based on comprehensive analytics, and automatically engages the population with barrier-specific interventions.

Measure Return on Engagement (ROE)
Measure the costs of getting your patient population engaged, and find out the effectiveness of each communication channel on a population segment.
Multiple communication channels
Medorion automates patient engagement across multiple communication channels, such as: social networks, web pages, emails, SMS, phone calls, etc.
Turnkey solution
Medorion provides off-the-shelf easy-to-launch intervention programs, based on behavioral best practices that are proven to increase adherence in a short amount of time.
Flexible DIY platform
Our self-service patient- activation web portal enables care teams to identify and manage populations according to gaps in care, indicate relevant guidelines and digital interventions, and track patient activation progress.
Validate assumptions
Use our smart algorithms and analytics to validate your assumptions regarding specific populations, by creating your own digital interventions and tracking patient responses.
Behavioral insights
Medorion pinpoints clear behavioral insights, and segments the population according to their barriers-to-action and demographic characteristics.