Scaling Patient Activation

Medorion is developing a cloud platform that helps population health teams of value-based organizations increase patient participation in preventive medicine by providing the ability to easily conduct patient-specific campaigns.
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What We Provide

Preventive medicine guidelines such as cancer screening, routine checkups, immunizations, etc. save lives and reduce healthcare costs. Numerous healthcare providers and payers in the US have already shifted from volume-based to value-based models, where quality-based measures determine reimbursement and bottom line. Patient participation directly impacts these measures, but participation rates remain low. Research shows that providing patients with a personal engagement strategy improves the chances of increasing preventive health participation; however, patient-specific engagement for large populations has been difficult and labor-intensive... until now. Walking through Medorion’s simple workflows enables the platform to automate the patient-specific engagement process for every individual within a large population.

Off-The-Shelf Campaigns
Simplified Workflows
Personal Engagement Strategies

Off-The-Shelf Campaigns
Ready for dissemination and based on behavioral research, Medorion's bank of campaigns improve adherence to clinical guidelines. Pop-health teams may also customize and track their own campaigns to test/validate assumptions made about specific population attitudes
Simplified Workflows
Easily automate the patient-specific engagement process, which is designed and made simple for layman population health workers to carry out complex health marketing campaigns
Personal Engagement Strategies
Medorion’s digital strategies are based on the leading behavioral models and provide a solution that fits all levels of engagement. Digital strategies are driven by Medorion's proprietary AI that captures patients' participation history, online interaction with content, and outcomes to decide the specific course of interventions for each patient.

Advantages of Using Medorion

Medorion uses patients participation history to segment them based on their current engagement levels. Each segment is assigned an optimal digital strategy that fits their engagement levels. These strategies adjust to the patients’ online interaction with content. The interactions are captured and stored. Medorion uses the combination of participation history, patient interaction data and outcomes to create a unique dataset that is the basis for AI and analytics tools.

Turnkey Solution
Upload patient records and immediately conduct campaigns to improve clinical guidelines using the advanced cloud platform. No need for EHR integration
Off-The-Shelf Interventions Formed from Theory
Disseminate online interventions and improve clinical quality for programs like MSSP, HEDIS, or STARS
Comprehensive Data and Analytics
Collect patient data and utilize data visualization tools to plan campaign goals, track campaign progress, discover efficient intervention channels, and measure ROI from patient engagement
AI Learning Yields Constant Improvement
The AI runs in the background to automatically decide the campaign's direction for every patient, all while continuously improving its clinical segmentation process
Behavioral Segmentation
Medorion's AI captures patients' participation history, online interaction with content, and outcomes to segment the population according to their barriers-to-action and demographic characteristics
Patient Engagement Records
Track each patient's interactions with campaign interventions to create a behavioral profile and better understand their interests, dislikes, health concerns, and dispositions toward clinical guidelines