Engage Members Through Marketing Technologies

Medorion's platform enables Health-care Organizations to efficiently carry-out digital persuasion campaigns for member engagement in large populations

Who is Medorion

Medorion incorporates AI, behavioral science, and marketing technologies to solve health communication problems. This allows us to cut through Managed Care Organizations (MCO) red-tape, to significantly improve its healthcare communications.
Using this technology, MCOs can acquire better health outcomes, improve patient experience, and cut the total cost of care.

Health Outcomes
Patient Experience
Reduce Costs

The Secret Sauce

Predict Best Persuasion Strategy
Predicts behavior by using members’ claim/clinical from the population health analytics layers and does not require EHR integration
Campaign Templates
Medorion Offers customizable off-the-shelf digital campaigns based on health persuasion theories.
The platform automatically manages multiple communication strategies and executes them through various digital campaigns

Advantages of Using Medorion

Medorion’s platform has three main differentiation that includes obsolescence of EHR Integration requirement, and marketing solution designed specifically for Managed Care Organisations, and a product approach that is built for scale

EHR integration Obsolete
Medorion taps into healthcare organizations’ population health analytics tools, making EHR integration obsolete.
End to end Solution
Medorion employs a ‘full solution’ approach, without integrating marketing technologies nor to build internal dedicated teams
Build for Scale
Our platform’s architecture supports multiple solutions that every healthcare organization needs as part of their transition to value-based care